Inventory of data used for analysis.

Our data is sourced from official sources such as the "Companies Register", "Financial Service Providers Register" and "Charities Service" which are maintained by the NZ Companies Office or Department of Internal Affairs. Links to source are provided on legal entities for validation.

Changes made at source are captured each day and processed to maintain a propriety database supporting a wider range of use cases. We combine, clean and enrich these separate data sets for a single connected view to make use of network theory analysis. A network is made up of connections between entities and how they are related to each other via roles. The table provided list the current inventory in use and when it was last updated.

All the changes captured and processed during the month are published at the beginning of the following month. A tweet from @OversightLtd is sent once it is available. The results can be used via the website for interactive use or integrated via APIs for corporate members.

If you would like to have additional data included into the network please get in contact with Oversight Support. For more up-to-date data a bespoke solution can be provided for corporate registrations.

Changes from previous month.

Entity Type
NZ Co-operative Company 1
NZ Limited Company 4852
NZ Un-Limited 2
Overseas ASIC Company 22
Overseas Non-ASIC Company 8
Partnership -25
Sole Trader -272
Trust -10
Foreign Entity 403
Person 12257
Role Type
Company Director 10066
Ultimate Holding Company 529
Owner -198
Part ownership -29
Company Shareholder 1717
Trust role 0
Related Person 12224
Person Shareholder 9687

Future changes can be notified by email on each entity profile page or create a Watch alert for changes within a specific industry or region.

Entity Type
NZ Co-operative Company 205
NZ Limited Company 1653250
NZ Un-Limited 804
Overseas ASIC Company 4156
Overseas Non-ASIC Company 3636
Partnership 5060
Sole Trader 71586
Trust 2470
Foreign Entity 80046
Charities Service 40696
Person 2461871
Role Type
Person Shareholder 3211998
Company Director 3377023
Charity Trust Administrator 742
Charity Trust Chief Fire Officer 535
Charity Trust Chairman 21278
Charity Trust Committee Member 65421
Charity Trust Councillor 971
Charity Trust Deputy Chairman 1802
Charity Trust Director 13208
Charity Trust Executive Officer 1364
Charity Trust Member 3799
Charity Trust Manager 636
Ultimate Holding Company 66485
Charity Trust Officer 3634
Charity Trust Role 261701
Charity Trust President 13364
Charity Trust Secretary 29194
Charity Trust Vice President 7082
Charity Services Company 1764
Charity Trust Board Member 133
Charity Trust Board Treasurer 30694
Owner 78778
Part ownership 5089
Company Shareholder 477157
Trust role 618
Related Person 750196
Updated on 04/12/2023