Oversight Solutions Ltd provides a self-service platform based on a user pays policy under a selected subscription plan targeted for different use cases. Select the plan for your needs and pay for what you use. A paid subscription enables the user to explore data content within interactive data visualization tools specifically designed to support a range of data analysis methodologies.

Each plan includes a data quota relevant for the plan selected which can be topped up for extended use. A data quota balance is required to present/download results based on user’s interaction of the service.

Most Popular
    Monthly Subscription
 Monthly Subscription


Monthly fee Free Sign Up $25 $60

Contact for price

Data Quota included 1mb 5mb 15mb

Shared Quota
over users

Topup not available 1mb - $5
3mb - $15
5mb - $25
8mb - $32

1mb - $5
3mb - $15
5mb - $25
8mb - $32

Based on contract

Reactivation/restore fee not available $5


Based on contract

Search data content
Explore data
Save custom lists
Click through to source
Save diagrams
Watermarks removed
Download data
Match uploaded data
Current state view
Watch a Network
History data
Shared data quota
Extra support and training
Ads removed
Restricted view
Restricted view
Restricted to 5

Free Trial

Suitable for first time visitor who are seeking to try before subscribe. This plan is used to explore the features available with data being obfuscated.

Free registration is required to get started. No payment details required.


Can be upgraded to remove hidden data restrictions.

Starter Plan

Suitable for the user who performs look ups on specific entities represented in the data sets available. Used to review and explore the current state of connections to target future activities and strategies.

Online registration and monthly subscription required to get started.

Full Plan

Suitable for the user performing more in-depth analysis and requires history data to obtain the background of entities. A larger data quota is provided to allow the download of more data.

Online registration and monthly subscription required to get started.

Corporate Licence

Suitable for organizations and companies having multiple users which can benefit from a collaborative working environment. Data quotas are shared over user accounts with subscriptions being maintained by designated administrator(s).

Please get in contact to get started.


Upcoming features....

  • Segmentation diagrams
  • Alerts for changes within diagrams
  • Time series analysis of changes over history data
  • Additional data sets from other sources
  • Shared diagrams within Corporate accounts
  • Publish hosted diagrams


Oversight Solutions Ltd provides a platform to empower users and recognizes some clients may benefit from the data used to provide this service but may not have the expertise, manpower or resources to gain value from it. As such we maybe able to offer consultancy services for specific use cases with a greater client focus. To explore this option please get in Contact.

*All fees are GST inclusive
*Remaining data is carried over on plans when due payment is made.

*Data quota will be deducted to cover monthly subscriptions charges if due payment is not received
*Any saved data will be removed after 20days for expired accounts and will incur a restore fee if required.

Review full Terms and Conditions